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Miniature Monday #43: More Cast Iron Stoves

Ball Jointed Doll Ai, Camillia

Found two cast iron stove miniatures at the 400 Market Antique Mall in Innisfil, Ontario a week ago.

The smaller one is a Little Kiddles stove by Mattel.  The bigger one is a Queen salesman sampler stove miniature, reminiscent of the Crescent one I found, also at an antique market, in September of last year, blogged HERE.

I just love old stoves.  They have so much more character than what we have today.

Camillia seems to like them too.  She's the latest in my doll family and insisted on modelling the stoves.

The Little Kiddles stove is not in such a good condition compared to the Queen stove.  It does, however, make a cute toy for smaller dolls like Camillia, who is only around 5" tall.

Happy Monday!


  1. Hello from Spain: I like your new iron stove. A great find. It is perfect. Also this mini doll is lovely. I like the dress she's wearing. Keep in touch

  2. These are lovely. Who would have thought there were so many cast iron stove variations and then to have them all made in miniature?

  3. Especially love the bigger stove and I know what you mean, character-wise they're in another league to the grills we have nowadays! The big stove is gorgeous, I have noticed in general that people are starting to collect more doll-sized furniture.


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