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Hot Off the Doll Box

Promenade Collection
FR Nippon Misaki and Amelie
by Integrity Toys

It's been a long while since FR Nippon graced the doll scene.  So, you can imagine my excitement that I've managed to secure ownership of the latest two from the line.  They literally just got out of the box.  It happens to be my day off work.  The mail carrier happened to deliver the dolls.  And like a gentle racoon, I ripped off that package.  Took pics.  And here we are!

I don't have very many FR Nippon dolls though I do have a few in my collection.  Therefore, I wish to point out that I've grown accustomed to the more extravagant and extremely detailed costuming of the FR Nippon dolls of the past.  These two new ones do not compare at all.  To this day, I have an extremely hard time redressing my other Nippon dolls because they're just too perfect as they are.  The latest Misaki and Amelie are quite the opposite.  I couldn't wait to get them off the shirts they were wearing!  I suppose there is an advantage to this.  I love redressing dolls and these ones will be much more played with than their predecessors.  They're really quite beautiful.  I'm just not loving their original attires so much.

Happy Monday!


  1. They are really cute and I do love the outfits you redressed them into. The t-shirts are a bit shapeless.


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