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My Birthday Goodies!

[Picture taken on my phone]

Got me a birthday doll from my lovie.  The doll maker, Hee, added the sash as a nice touch, which made her even more special.

Bambola Daisy named Pandora

Isn't she a cutie?  Love the innocence on her face!  Now my Bambola doll, Anthee, has a sister to play with.

Got another cool toy too from the awesome parental units.  It's what's taking these perfectly clear wonderful photos with the roses that I didn't have to edit for lighting or color, just shrunken in size.  All in all, it was a good Sunday even though I missed the supposed super moon at dawn.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Happy belated birthday. What lovely presents. The doll is beautiful and the camera looks like it will get a great deal of use.

  2. Hello from Spain, happy birthday! Lovely doll. Awesome pics. Interesting photo camera. Keep in touch


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