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Pomp and Circumstance Tulabelle doll
by Integrity Toys

I don't collect a lot of 16" fashion dolls.  The two W Club upgrades that I've got have sufficed for a number of years.  Because of the love I have for the Poppy dolls, you would think I'd be fond of her 16" version that came out last year.  But they scared me a bit so I skipped those.  Instead, I fell for her supposed granddaughter, Tulabelle, currently in 16" version only.  I won't lie....I can't stand her name and I apologize to those who think there's a good ring to it but I just don't like it.  The doll, however, is the best 16" doll I've got so far.  You do see a little bit of Poppy in her features which is kinda cool.

Now, you're probably wondering what is up with the hair?....I don't know either!  Hahahaha!  I did think it was unique and it was one of the reasons I picked her.  Something different.  It does not in any way intervene with her pretty face.  Gotta give her a new name though....

Happy Thursday!


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