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Simply Guava Blythe
by Takara

Warm and dry summer days, sweat-inducing as they are, make the perfect weather for outdoor doll photo snaps.  My first and favorite Blythe doll, Bebe, (sssshhh, don't tell the other Blythes) had been requesting for a quick shoot on my front yard with my spanking new camera.  Had to oblige.

This is the first time I'd managed to make her look like she's standing on her own with the help of a pen.  I read that somewhere and had always wanted to try it but always forgot.  It actually worked!  I basically stuck a pen in the ground and used it as a post for her to slightly lean on so she looks like she's walking unsupported.  I guess I'll be carrying a pen or stick of some sort every time I'm outdoors with a doll from now on.  You never know when it might come in handy!

Happy Monday!


  1. Very cute photos and she does look like she's standing all on her own. I'll have to remember that myself for future photoshoots.

  2. Bebe looks gorgeous ... I think Guava is very photogenic, I love mine. I always have a pen in my handbag, but never seem to have a girl with me at the right time. :)


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