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The Tanned Bergdorf Poppy

Irrisistible in India Poppy Parker
by Integrity Toys

There was already a tanned attempt of the much sought after Bergdorf Goodman Poppy Parker doll with Sweet Confection Poppy Parker (SEEN HERE).  But the latest New York's World Fair India Poppy doll is a much better version.  She doesn't look sunburnt like Sweet Confection, but rather "naturally" tanned.  I also prefer the rich brown hair to the blonde.  Overall, she's an awesome doll, probably better redressed too....And yet I still pine for the original Bergdorf that I'll probably only own in my dreams!


  1. She is lovely. No wonder she seems to have been one of the most popular of this issue.

  2. I also ended up bring this girl home because of the Bergdorf screening. I love her so much. Im not a fan of her dress, so that will probably go.


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