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Blythes in Belize

I've been busy in the last week or so juggling with both work and getting my stuff ready for our Belize trip.  This time around I've chosen to bring two Blythes along.  It's quite a handful lugging two big-headed dolls around so I'm not sure how much camera time they will be getting but I'll try my best.

(from left to right)  Gia and Bebe

As it is, Bebe and Gia are slightly traumatized since they had been frisked for the first time at the Toronto Pearson airport on our connecting flight to Miami.  Let me tell you how unhappy airport people are at 4:30 in the morning!  So I thought I'd give the dolls first dibs on the bed to make them forget the trauma.  I have a feeling their big eyes may have scared the person looking through the x-ray machine at Pearson!  Hahahaha!

It was around 4:10ish-pm when we arrived at the San Ignacio hotel.  Right away we were given a complimentary fruit punch, mine spiked with rum for that extra kick!  The dollies would like to commemorate this tasty rummy moment!

'Til next time...if I don't pass out from our next few days' activities!


  1. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. Belice is a beautiful destination. Your two dolls will really enjoy this trip. Nice pictures. The smoothies are delicious. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks Marta. It was a good trip...really hot in Belize but nice.

  2. I hope you all enjoy your trip. I'm sure the girls will recover very quickly as they enjoy that fruit punch.

    1. Thanks. Going back to work is so difficult after having waaay too much fun!


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