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A Photo Session

[from left to right]
Gothic Dream "The Outsider", FR Nippon Misaki, Sid
and 2011 Jet Set Convention doll, "In the Air" Poppy Parker, Una

I was so immersed in a book I was reading a week ago that I basically went into this book withdrawal when I couldn't pick up another book because I was still living in the previous book's world in my head.  Hahaha, did that make any sense?

Without realizing it, I was also going through some doll withdrawal.  That was some book!  Since I owe it to myself to have some dolly playtime, I thought I'd share a photo session with two of my favorite FR dolls, Poppy Parker and Nippon Misaki.

Sid, in particular, is a most favored Misaki in my collection.  Although she wasn't my first Misaki, she was the first one I had laid my eyes on that made me want to collect Misaki dolls. 


  1. Hello from Spain: I love the red outfit. She is very elegant. Nice pictures. Welcome back after your interesting read. Keep in touch

  2. Punk clothes are so great, very Vivienne Westwood style! Did you make this shirt by yourself?

    1. Yeah, I wish I had more of this type of clothing for my dolls. No I didn't make it. Unfortunately I can't sew...though I wish I could. If I remember correctly, this shirt is by Azone.

    2. Thank you for reply! I was thinking either it was made by you or it's Azone, because I bought one similar in Osaka's Azone branch. Your is simply wonderful!

  3. I'm jealous of one of these ladies(the one in red) lips!nice pics, thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Nippon Misaki zniewala mnie caƂkowicie!


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