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Pinky Street From the Archives

I realize I haven't had any Pinky Street pics lately.  My doll room has been in complete disarray since I've added shelving units late last year and never quite got around to the rearranging process after hitting a little snag with shelf spacing.  My partner thinks she's figured it out....Of course, actually getting to it is another story.  And since the room's been a bloody mess, looking at it just gives me a headache.

With that said, most of the Pinky dolls have been stored away.  Stored but not quite forgotten.  So when I was looking through old pictures I'd taken ages ago from my parents house, I found some back-to-school themed photos of the Pinkys that I thought I'd share here.  It's that time of year again after all and I  do miss playing with these cuties!


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