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Have You Seen My Arm?

Growin Pretty Hair Francie

No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth....Not yet.  I'd been uninspired lately so I picked up a doll that needed me.  She had been needing me for quite sometime but I had pushed her away for two years and kept her in a place where I didn't have to look at her bitterly.

I got this doll from a late October doll show in 2011.  I'm always in search of Francie dolls when I go to doll shows.  Despite my current Poppy Parker doll obsessions, Francie will always be my one true love from the very mod and vintage era perspective.

There she was in her plain, see-thru white box, looking perfect for a doll her age.  She even came in that metallic pink dress that was original to the Growin Pretty Hair dolls.  So I decided to take her home.  She is my very first Growin Pretty Hair Francie.

You can imagine my delight quickly turning into full-on dismay after I took her out of the box.  I swear, all I did was very gently swing her left arm and this happened...

I almost cried.  We were barely home an hour!  I even contacted the seller from the show.  As per usual, it's a final sale, happens to vintage dolls, blah, blah, blah!  And as I said, after that, I hid her away out of bitterness.

And then last summer, a ray of hope came to me in the form of "The Last Glue".  I saw a demo of it at the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition), asked the nice lady if it would work on a broken barbie doll.  She confidently and quickly said: it will do the trick.  I believed her after she glue a whole bunch of shite on her demo table.

The very first pic is her fixed arm knob.  I'm waiting 8hrs or so to make sure everything is cool.  So far so good.  I will take an "after photo" once I put her arm back and cleaned her up a bit.  Cross your fingers and toes that the Last Glue actually did the trick!


  1. Oh, I hope it works. Francie was always a favorite of mine. :)

  2. How sad to have that happen immediately after you bought her. I hope the glue works.

  3. Hello from Spain: I hope you can stick her arm Francie. I read that she is your favorite doll. Good luck .. Keep in touch


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