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The Doll Arm Horror Part Deux

Growin Pretty Hair Francie

The title almost makes me so in tuned with Halloween!

As promised, I took a pic after I fixed her arm.  Just look at how beautiful she is in the photo.  I restyled her hair and everything.  You can barely tell it's super frizzy at the back and at the tips.  Her arm even swung back and forth.  I couldn't find my magic eraser so she's not fully clean in this photo.  But that's nothing that good lighting can't somewhat hide.

Now you must be wondering why I used the word "swung" in the past tense.  That's when the part two of this horror story begins.  I had her standing at the foot of the couch next to a water bottle and an empty coffee cup.  Don't ask me why I didn't just grab her doll stand upstairs in the doll room....I must have been lazy.  I brought her back downstairs after I took pictures because I wanted to stare at her some more as her hair slowly dries.  It was a mistake and probably a blessing.  A mistake because for some odd reason she fell sideways on her own and landed on the arm with the broken knob.  That fall, you guessed it, made her arm snap again.  I say it's a blessing because when I looked up what I did wrong, I realized that sooner or later her arm would have probably snapped anyway given that I was missing a "filler" for chipped pieces on the broken knob that were too tiny for me to retrieve the first time she broke and are now long gone.  

Moral of the story:  listen to the CNE lady when she says, "You will more than likely need the 'Last Fill' to cover certain areas that do not fit perfectly into place because that is what will strongly bond the 'Last Glue'."...It was something like that anyway.  So, you guessed again, I ended up purchasing the "Last Fill".  I'm waiting impatiently for it now.  Hopefully, this time her arm gets fixed for good.  Otherwise, I may just have to give up and buy her a new body!  In the mean time, I'm using the Last Glue to piece together my broken miniature tea set....


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