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November Hiatus

Sekiguchi Printemps

Every year, November seems to be a pretty crappy month for me to be blogging.  This year, I'm dedicating my November weekends from work to reorganizing dolls.  Remember the doll room project that I started last year, seen HERE.  Well, I'm finally attempting to finish it once and for all.  As fun as doll collecting is, organizing little bits and pieces of doll stuff can be such a daunting task...especially when you are a lazy bug like me!  It's surprising how much can accumulate over time and how much one can accumulate that really shouldn't have been there in the first empty boxes
 for example...I know, I know, don't ask!

Later this December, the parental units and a couple of relatives from across the globe will be visiting.  My partner and I both agreed that it would be too shameful to have house guests with that room in full-on chaos.  And so, as much as it pains me to sit on the floor for hours trying to figure out whose tiny purse and shoes go with what outfit/doll, it must be done....or at least look more presentable than the mess I'd left it at.

Though I'll be snooping around doll blogs as always, I will not be personally blogging for the month of November.  With that, I temporarily leave you with pics of my hauntingly beautiful vintage Printemps dolls.  I've been drooling over photos of them for years and finally acquired two last August.  I just love how their creepy black eyes glow blue when you shine light into them.  Don't know much more about them.  So if you do, please share!

Happy Monday!


  1. Good luck with your cleanup. Isn't it amazing how having visitors always spurs us on to do things we should have done before?


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