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Miniature [Monday#44] Tuesday: Have a Coke!

Coca-Cola Soda Fountain Dioram
by Mattel

Time to update!  I'm a day late but I really wanted to share this diorama set.  I had been on the hunt for this particular set for years, hoping and praying to get it for a price point that wasn't going to make me super poor.

Last October, I finally found this hard-to-find Coke Soda Fountain diorama at the Christmas Toronto Toy show.  And never-removed-from-box to boot!  It's a little ironic because I had passed by the booth that carried it completely.  The box was tucked into a corner among other doll stuff and my partner was the one who spotted it.  She made sure to called me back to the booth and check it out.  Thank goodness to partners who support your madness!

I've got the silkstone vanity by Mattel and that's a really good quality piece but this Coke diorama tops that one for sure.  The details are amazing, as you can tell from the close-up shots.  The tiny tin tray is probably my favorite piece.  It looks like an exact replica of the real thing.  And yes, it's metal, not plastic.

Most of the pieces are a combination of plastic and metal, like the Coke dispenser above and jukebox below.  So, there's definitely some weight to the entire diorama set.  It's quite stunning in person and perfectly scaled to Mattel-sized fashion dolls.

I hope Mattel makes more of these excellent quality diorama pieces for collectors in the future.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Hello from Spain: congratulations for having this so awesome stage. I also hope that Mattel makes these excellent quality parts. Nice pictures. Keep in touch

  2. That is amazing, what great detail and you were lucky to find it never removed from the box.

  3. Well at least they aren't drinking alcohol, like your blog about "happy hour" where you talked about the dolls who want to get a good "buzz" and are sitting there drinking booze. Oh that makes me so mad. Now all the pot smokers will see that blog and feel further justified in continuing their drug use!

  4. Wow, this is an awesome set. Congratulations on finding just what you wanted.

  5. imponujący zestaw - coca-cola rządzi!


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