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2013 Doll Highlights

Happy New Year Barbie
Holiday Hostess Collection
Barbie Fan Club Exclusive

Seems fitting to start off this post with my New Year Holiday Hostess Barbie.  I had been praying all year last year for a new Mattel doll worth my affections.  Although she came very late into 2013, she was definitely worth the wait....And all she had to do was look like a silkstone and wear a kewl New Year crown!  Plus that's a very pretty shade of blue accent on her gold dress.

Usherette Silkstone Barbie
US Dealer Exclusive 2007

I ended up going back to my Barbie collecting roots when I picked up the Usherette from a local doll show last October.  I never felt a need for acquiring her in the past though she's actually quite pretty in person.  And who can pass up doll show deals?

Sweet in Switzerland Poppy Parker

Of course, my doll collecting would be wholly incomplete without Poppy Parker.  She's officially done a 'dolls-of-the-world' theme, 60's style.  Fun while it lasted.  Sweet in Switzerland's attire particularly reminded me of something Barbie's cousin, Francie would wear.  Can't wait to see what's in store for her this year!

Byul Steampunk Eclipse Moirai

I've been guilty of being more enchanted by bigger headed, bigger eyed...and just plainly bigger dolls last year.  This Byul, along with Dal and Pullip from the Eclipse series, was a gift from my lovie.  Doesn't she look a little like Blythe from that camera angle?  She is so awesomely dressed in that steampunk gear.  All doll lines should have a steampunk series!

Printemps doll by Sekiguchi

I've seen varying sizes of Printemps dolls in the web.  I wish I knew more about them.  Mine's roughly 18" tall.  Vintage and spooky.  It's really all in those eerie eyes!

Patience by Tonner
Renamed Ellie

This doll snuck up on me.  A first Tonner in my increasingly a.d.h.d.-looking doll collection.  She just made me so nostalgic over dolls I had wanted as a child.

Originally Paradise Girl Blythe
Custom Blythe by Moofers
Renamed Neroli
Bebe's latest adversary

The grand finale.  She was my final 2013 doll purchase.  Left good holes in my pockets too.  I couldn't pass her up and I'm super happy I didn't.  I'd been wanting a doll customed by Moofers and now I have one!  She's got quite the attitude that I know Bebe does not appreciate!  Heehee!

I hope you enjoyed the 2013 highlights!  Happy new year of doll collecting!


  1. Congratulations on your 2013 doll highlights: they are stunning dolls, especially that silver-eyed Neroli. (I have succumbed to a fondness for Littlest Pet Shop Blythes that has made me more tolerant to the larger Blythes. Have not got them yet, but so close to buying the LPS.)

    Hope you continue to find doll treasures in 2014. Happy New Year!

  2. That's the beauty of collecting dolls - there are always new ones to discover and fall in love with. I hope your 2014 is as successful as your 2013 was.

  3. That's great you treated yourself with no regrets, and you have a great bunch of dolls there, I especially love Patience by Tonner, that face! Oh my goodness! Happy New Year!

  4. What a wonderful post! I have to confess, I'm more than a little enchanted by your last purchase, too. She is amazing! :)

  5. Awesome recap... and I'm so sad I missed out on last year's Poppys... I'm signing up for the danged Integrity Club this year!

  6. I have several printemps dolls what do you want to know?

  7. printemps przywodzi mi na myśl Piaskowego Ludka :)


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