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Trudy Traveler doll, renamed Emmeline
by Show Stoppers Inc.

She is my one and only all-porcelain made doll from head to toe.  She stands at about 9" tall and came to me in her own wooden trunk with accessories.  She's actually preowned so while overall in great condition, she's missing one dress out of the three she was suppose to have.  Too bad.  I've got the blue shoes, hat and bag but no blue dress.

Well, the remaining ensembles are pretty cool at least.  I always thought the elaborateness of antique french fashions were beautiful.  I've also always wanted a doll trunk.  And she's got that too!  Everything in one package.  Not too shabby.

Size comparison with a kneeling DG Susie

I'm not fond of antique-type dolls in general.  I find them a little freaky.  Emmeline, though, has a big cute round face with huge blue eyes that I find adorable.  Because of the childlike chunky body to go with the fat head, she actually feels nice to hold and play with.  She doesn't seem as fragile despite her all-porcelain construction.

I think she likes DG Susie's blue antique french-inspired dress since she's missing her own....

Happy Friday!


  1. I'm enjoying your porcelain doll, too! :)

  2. Obie sukienki tej pięknej laleczki są bardzo ładne. Gratuluję jej zdobycia. Pozdrawiam serdecznie z Polski!
    Panna w niebieskiej kreacji ma wiele uroku!

  3. imponująca garderoba z romantycznymi
    dodatkami słodkiej porcelanowej niuni...


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