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Miniature Monday #46: MiWorld Toys - DQ Edition

[from left to right] Little Nunu and Chloe
Pinky Street

My lovie is completely trained when it comes to hunting for miniatures now.  She spotted this Dairy Queen MiWorld Toys at Walmart yesterday as we were walking down the toy section of our local Walmart.  I had never even heard of these toys before but was instantly enthused by the promising pics on the box.

These remind me so much of the Mos Burger and Mister Donut Licca playsets that I purchased in Japan a few years back.  It follows a well-known brand.  Realistic details down to the store logo.  Minimal assembly required.

Unlike the Licca playsets that were made for Licca dolls, this MiWorld set was made for its own MiWorld doll that is about 6" tall.   I thought I was staring at an overgrown Polly Pocket and was not impressed.  Needless to say, no giant Pollys will be hanging around this DQ and no barbie dolls either since they're even bigger.  Overall though, the food miniatures could pass for 12" fashion dolls even though the scale is a little off.

My Pinky Street dolls are only 4" tall so they're actually off scale as well.  Fortunately, they still photograph nicely with the set at certain angles.

My only disappointment are the stickers that go on the little drinks and such.  They don't stick very well that I've had to re-glue those blasted "Blizzard" logos several times more than I wanted to.  Otherwise, they really are well made.  Not quite the same quality as the Licca playsets but comes very close.

Also, you can attach the sets or stack them together to create a mall setting.  Neat idea!  Gets me hooked every time!  In fact, I also walked away with another set and would greedily welcome more!

Happy Monday!


  1. Ooh! So, so cute! I love miniature Mondays! I'll be back for sure! xo Jennifer

  2. To jest nieprawdopodobnie fantastyczne! Świetne! Pozdrawiam z Polski!

  3. So, so cute! Thanks for this review.

  4. Third user of "cute" but that fits the food and the little people consuming it. And maybe "yum" ....


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