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Valentine's Greetings

(Factory Blythe doll)

Lately I'd been seeing a lot of those sugar skulls.  Photos.  Shirts.  Keychains.  Movies.  Everything else but the actual sugar art that originates from Mexico's Day of the Dead festivities.  It isn't surprising that I should also see them in the doll scene, lots especially in the Blythe doll world.  I guess Blythe has such a huge head that her face makes a perfect model for the colorful artistry of sugar skulls.  Of course it also isn't surprising that I wanted one of those sugar skull masks for my dolls.  So I had one made....

The mask came out much cooler than expected.  Perfectly fitted mold.  It's a painted paper mache, felted inside to avoid scratches to the face, with garter straps that wrap around Blythe's head and holds together with velcro.

I'd love to promote the artist but it was such an awful transaction.  There was a great deal of struggle just trying to communicate with the seller, after payment of course, not before.  I never even saw the finished product before it was shipped, even though it was a custom order.  I eventually had to report the non-delivery before I heard from the seller again, who claimed a mask was sent and it never reached me.  Frankly, I believe she forgot.  And then, it was still one delay after another.  Granted my purchase came with extras, one being the matching dress that Inka is modelling, it doesn't change my horrible buying experience.

And so, the mask meant for Halloween became a mask for Valentine's, a dark romance themed one now, I suppose.  At least Inka looks good wearing it.  I would have been really distraught otherwise.

Happy Valentine's!


  1. i like it..looks cool!!

    pretty pamu!!

  2. W masce wygląda intrygująco, ale bez maski jest słodsza. Świetne zdjęcia i życzenia! Pozdrawiam!

  3. It's terrible when an deal is so difficult isn't it, I had such an experience myself not long ago, it was so frustrating! But... the mask and outfit looks great! And it's an alternative Valentine's Day look, I LOVE it! Have a great weekend :-).

  4. Inka ma wspaniałe włosy - sama bym chciała mieć takie!
    a ażurowy pasek w talii jest mym faworytem od zaraz :)


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