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Legends of Ireland

Before St. Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, there were stories of magic and mythic adventures, sung by bards....

The Bard Barbie

...Stories of forbidden romance and tragic endings like that of Iseult's....

Spellbound Lover Barbie

And who can forget the enchanted world of faeries and dragons....

Fairy Queen Barbie

At times I still cling to such otherworldly tales just to escape the bleakness and stress of adulthood.  Maybe that's why I treasure these dolls so much.  I only acquired the first three dolls from the Legends of Ireland collection, but they're probably a few of the Barbie dolls I couldn't ever part with.

I have a particular fondness for the Bard.  I'm not much of storyteller but I sure am an enthusiastic listener.  Even as a child, I would always squeeze stories out of my aunts before bedtime.  I can see myself getting lost in the alluring sounds of that golden harp as the Bard sings of stories from long ago.

Happy St. Patty's!


  1. Witaj, wszystkie trzy panny są piękne i piękne mają stroje. Zgadzam się z Tobą, że historia Irlandii oraz opowieści magiczne i mityczne muszą być niezwykle interesujące... Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

  2. What a lovely post and dolls! I guess that is a part of collecting dolls too, they bring you to a fantasy world sometimes to escape the daily worries :-).

  3. very elegant!! love the dresses and especially the color....(",)

    pretty pamu

  4. My goodness your dolls are beautiful! I like their outfits very much too. They seem of very good quality and I think the design and color are just perfect. Sometimes I see tacky princess gowns on dolls but yours are very elegant and definitely royal worthy!

  5. So very pretty...I think I may also start collecting those.

  6. These dolls are beautiful. I've never seen them before. I love their gowns as well. I would never be able to part with them, either.

  7. cudownie sobie popatrzeć u innych na takie ślicznotki...

  8. Great and cute post! Thanks for sharing them!


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