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Ddung in Wonderland

Even though I've always thought her adventures are super fascinating, I'll be honest....I've never actually read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, just the shortened story versions when I was a child.  And of course there are the many many movie adaptations that I've seen.

Since I've got a really cute Alice Ddung doll who has never had the pleasure of gracing this blog, I thought it was time she had her own adventures in wonderland.  Plus, I had been unwell for two weeks so I have to catch up on some dolly playtime.

Check out my acorns!  Got them eons ago on harvest decor clearance.  I told myself that one day, I would use them for something.  Today is that day!  Haha!

Other interesting props include the Lalaloopsy mini treehouse, Lalaloopsy mini ferris wheel and, my favorite, the doll face espresso cups.

Happy Monday!


  1. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. I like cups of coffee. The tree house is fabulous. Great dolls. Keep in touch

  2. Alice in Wonderland! Sooo cute!!!!!!

  3. Wow. I've just seen your pictures by chance and I think they are awesome! I have the little red ridding hood ddung set. Ddungs are soo cute!

    Regards from.Spain!

    Ps: good work!

  4. zachwyciłam się królisiami z kapuścianym komplecikiem ♥


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