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Back from under a rock...

Day Tripper Poppy Parker
by Integrity Toys

Time sure flies, not just when you are having fun but also when you are lazy and uninspired.  Luckily, doll collecting is such a forgiving hobby.  My dolls still love me!

Take Day Tripper Poppy Parker, for example.  I've had her for about two years and this is the first time I had taken her out of the box.  Ironic really, since the Twiggy-look-alike Poppy Parker collection from 2012 is probably my favorite of the collections released.  Unfortunately, it was the year I started making changes to my doll room and doll box opening kept getting pushed back every time.

No matter.  Today is the day she makes herself known.  With all the talk going around of re-imagined Poppy dolls lately, I had to take one of my dolls out her prison box and play.

Thanks to all the doll collectors out there and their general excitement for the hobby.  That in itself never fails to keep me coming back to this blog and sharing my own doll adventures.


  1. Poppy jest urocza i ma takie śliczne piegi...
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

  2. kocham kabaretkowe ażurowe rajstopki i
    pończoszki - ale tylko podziwiać u innych,
    choćby u lal, sama nie noszę ;D


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