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Twelve Dolls of Christmas 2014 - Part 5 to 12

That Holiday Feeling Poppy Parker
by Integrity Toys

So, my attempt for Twelve Dolls of Christmas bombed once again!  No matter.  Here's a couple of catch-up pics from the cast of 'The Girl from I.N.T.E.G.R.I.T.Y. in 2014.  I've shoved them all in one photo for your viewing pleasure!

From left to right:
Arm Candy Chip Farnsworth the 3rd,
Agent Kimiko Gunn Tina Tanaka,
Sebastien Havoc Francisco Leon,
Mayhem in Monte Carlo Poppy Parker,
That Holiday Feeling Poppy Parker,
Spy-A-Go-Go Poppy Parker,
Mistress of Disguise Poppy head,
Agent Lotta Danger Poppy Parker

They may be agents but they, too, like to celebrate the holidays, groovy hat and all!

The photo doesn't show it above, but during the shoot I discovered that my 'That Holiday Feeling Poppy' has an eczema spot on her cheek....*sigh*  I gotta remind myself to always check my dollies thoroughly as I get them.

I hope everyone had a bit of a breather during the holiday season.
Stay tuned for 2014 doll highlights and Happy Wednesday!


  1. Looks like they had a fun party!

    Too bad about the spot on the doll. Will they still take her back?

    I've decided that I'm through with the Color Infusion dolls from Integrity. I bought most of the CI dolls this year, and three of them had hands that broke off. The female doll at least could have the stem removed, but the two males had it stuck inside. I had to drill one out, which resulted in a slightly wobbly hand when I replaced it. I haven't drilled out the second one yet; I need to buy a slightly smaller bit first, I guess. Seriously disappointing. I haven't had a problem with the FR or Poppy lines, fortunately.

    1. Hi Troy. Thanks for stopping by! Patient Care at IT is usually pretty good at dealing with doll issues. I've had one incident with an Eden doll and she looked like she had measles on her face but I was able to send her out and she came back to me like new. I'm sorry to hear about your CI dolls.


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