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Trying to Hop Into Spring

Vintage Vinyl Gavin
Dynamite Girls 2010

I only have two Gavins in my collection and although they're both beautiful, I'm more partial to this one. Her bow is actually part of her original Vintage Vinyl attire. I never had the heart to take it off her head so her fashions always had to coordinate with the bow. I think the Tale of Peter Rabbit barbie dress is a perfect spring garb for her. I also love bunnies! I don't usually buy barbie dolls for their outfits alone. It just isn't economical for doll budget purposes. But, if you're a doll collector, you're guaranteed to break your own rules every once in a while. I had to with this outfit. It's so frackin cute!

I'd like to thank all the fellow collectors out there who sent comforting words of support, even though I know none of you personally. I don't often say it but you guys rock!


  1. Hello from Spain: I like this pic. Lovely doll and awesome dress. Keep in touch

  2. Śliczny strój! Lubię zające :-)
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie z Polski!

  3. Beautiful doll...she has such a lovely face!

  4. wspaniała jednoklatkowa opowieść -
    dynamitka pełna retro uroku a Jej
    suknia żartobliwa - czarujący materiał
    na plakat - niekoniecznie do filmu ;D


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