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Lead Singles Lilith

Lilith from the FR NU Face Lead Singles Gift Set 2012
by Integrity Toys

Although I have a crap load more Poppy Parker dolls, this was the face that actually suckered me into the wonderful world of Integrity Toys. My first IT doll was Eden, who is identical in face sculpt with her twin doll, Lilith. They just vary in hair colors and such. I was hoping to see more of the twins during the last W Club unveiling in May. They haven't been seen in a few years. Alas, the wait continues.

This particular doll has had her little trip to Hong Kong at some point to get her face redone by IT because she was suffering from some kind of skin disease when she first got to me. But she's all better now! And she has currently stolen the FR 'Exquisite' Monogram doll's outfit. I thought she looked really cute with those flowers on her hair.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Beautiful doll..I can see why you got sucked in! Her eyes are stunning. :)

  2. Wspaniała lalka w pięknej kreacji!
    Pozdrawiam z Polski!

  3. Gorgeous doll. Congrats on getting her!

  4. OMG she's soooo gorgeous! Loved the fashion!


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