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IT Airways Poppy Parker Set

IT Airways Poppy Parker doll (2015)

Now that Christmas is officially over and I've had enough cupcakes and Reese chocolate peanut butter spread to make me festively plump, I'm feeling the need to talk about Poppy...Exercise is also on the list but it's not 2016 yet.

I was delightfully surprised when the post lady knocked on my door a day before Christmas to hand me a parcel that I knew could only be one thing: a Poppy doll. With the holidays, I had assumed that I wouldn't be receiving my package until the new year. I was excited! (What annoyed the frack out of me was the customs fee that came with the doll but that wasn't the post lady's fault.) I ripped that package open so fast! I needed something to cheer me up on top of the supposed cheerful season that wasn't bringing too much cheer into my existence.

IT Airways with To The Fair Poppy Parker (2013)

I had focused most of my doll purchases on Poppy Parker this year and have had to get replacement heads on three of them, which I shan't elaborate on, since I got my replacement heads without a problem. Integrity Toys is just freakin awesome that way, especially after surprising W club members with this set to conclude this year's Poppy Parker line!

(Both outfits on the two dolls belong to IT Airways, minus the blue cap and orange scarf that is original to To The Fair Poppy, and extra airline pin from Monsieur Z Fly Girl doll)

Hands down, it's an awesome gift set: well crafted outfits and a cute bob cut for Poppy. As I've learned from some fashionably knowledgeable collectors on doll forums and blogs, the entire thing seems inspired by Braniff Airline uniforms from the 60's, designed by an Italian designer named Emilio Pucci. I literally had to google this myself and the awesomeness just went into the next level. It's so colorful and stylish...and that psychedelic head gear really amuses me. After seeing the Braniff uniforms, I sort of wish Integrity Toys had also included the clear plastic dome helmet to go with the set. That would have been so much fun...Something that real airline travel isn't anymore these days...

In terms of the actual Poppy doll, the brown-haired bob cut and green eyes makes her very cute indeed, but seeing her standing next to To The Fair makes me think that the latter doll has better coloring. To The Fair has a peachier complexion. I also notice IT Airways has really long lashes, which is fine, except I actually like to see the irises on my dolls' eyes and these Poppy lashes won't curve up the way I want them to, compared to the slightly bendy lashes on my other Poppy dolls.

Lastly, one can never have too many doll-sized airline pins. I wish there were two in this set for the two full attires that came with it. I had to borrow a pin from a Monsieur Z doll for this picture-taking...That doll wasn't too happy since she's been ignored and still boxed after all these years while IT Airways Poppy gets deboxed in a day, even given the immediate spotlight, with her pin.

Overall, a fun set that got me playing with dolls after such an uninspiring year outside the doll world. It makes me love my dollies even more! Stay tuned for 2015 group shots in the new year!


  1. These outfits are awesome! I love the vintage colors and styling! Congrats on receiving these wonderful end-of-year goodies! xo Jennifer


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