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Miniature Monday #49: Hello Kitty Kitchen...sort of...

Miniature Monday is still kicking! It has been over a year since I last did a miniature segment and the last one I featured was a Hello Kitty kitchen HERE. Like many things in 2015, I brushed this project under a rug. (Have you ever felt like doing so many things at so many that you got none done from too much thinking and too little doing? Sprinkle that with unrelated life issues. That's me most days!) But it's done now and, yes, it is the same kitchen! There was a lot of hand-painting and a tad bit of spray-painting involved, because after a while there was just too much pink going on.

On Location Monte Carlo Barbie, aka, Marlowe

It looks a little more adult with the hand-painted brown doors and without the Hello Kitty stickers. But to keep the Hello Kitty theme alive, I spruced up the setting with some Hello Kitty Rement miniatures. The backsplash is actually just one of those stick-on rolled papers that I got from the dollar store ages ago. If I ever get tired of them, I can just peel them off. My own kitchen backsplash is black so it's kind of inspired by that.

I also 'wallpapered' the cupboard with the see-thru pink doors with scrapbook paper I found among my things (...tried scrapbooking years ago...didn't quite work out). It, too, can come off freely if I decide on a different pattern in the future.

Here's a shot of the oven lit up. I mentioned the lights the last time I featured this kitchen, but never got to show it. I think it's kinda cool. The oven knobs were also formerly pink and are now hand-painted black.

...The fridge with its new spray-painted silver handles rather than pink. The silver just made more sense for that stainless steel look.

How many Hello Kitty items did you spot?

Happy Monday!


  1. The kitchen looks great now :-). The last photo with dishes in the sink is really cute. Your accessories are also great, it makes the kitchen look like it's used a lot!

  2. Wspaniała kuchnia! Doskonale wyposażona! Idealna dla Barbie! Twoja dziewczyna jest na pewno zadowolona :-)

  3. This looks wonderful! And yes, that person you described with too many ideas and too much thinking is me as well. ;)

  4. Yeah, a lot of ideas and not a lot of time! That's me. I love the kitchen!

  5. OMH Hello Kitty kitchen stuff *o* Loved!

  6. kuchnia marzeń niejednej lalkowej istoty :)


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