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Bare Naked Dollies

I'd been wanting to do some kind of body comparison for my articulated dolls for the longest time. I was able to get my hands on the Made To Move Barbie during the weekend so I thought the time has come. It's too bad that I don't have the new articulated silkstone Barbie or I would have included her here. Unfortunately, to buy her from the Barbie site as a Canadian club member means spending almost as much in shipping as the cost of the doll. Plus she's on backorder. No thanks.

So here's the list of the unusual suspects... Let me know what you think!

*Shows how far they can kneel down, touch their eyes and chest


-Fashionista has really loose joints. She weighs the lightest from the lot.
-Fashion Royalty is a friggin giant!
-Poppy Parker shares a similar body construction to FR Misaki.
-Dal is very top heavy with that head, yet her body is light and it seems fragile. She shares a similar body construction to Pullip, except Pullip is taller and has the same body size as J-doll.
-Made To Move is solid with great coloring and articulation but has messy seams unlike Liv, both being playline dolls.

I have to do a special mention of the Liv doll feet. They are super detailed and chubby cute!


  1. Thanks! I've been wondering about some of these doll bodies. :)

  2. It's interesting to see them all limed up like this and to see the differences in their ability to move.

  3. Great comparisons! I agree about the feet of Liv, they are very cute!

  4. Interesting comparison. I have a couple of Poppy's but FR is incredibly expensive to get shipped to Australia on top of the cost of the doll so I did not realise how much bigger she was. Those girls are Amazons!


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