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Francie Love

Since I rediscovered my sister's Sindy doll a couple of blog posts ago, I had been bitten by the Sindy bug and discovered a newfound love for vintage Sindy. I had been scouring the web for this British fashion doll and loving all the pics. There are so many good looking vintage dolls out there! And then I looked at my collection and decided to give my vintage Francie dolls some love. It is Francie's fiftieth year in 2016 after all.

Straight Leg Francie in unknown outfit
and Hair Happenin's in Nighty Brights

Growin' Pretty Hair Francie in First Formal dress
and Short Flip in Smashin' Satin Repro Fashion

Bend Leg Francie in Dance Party
and Hair Happenin's in Land Ho!


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like Francine dolls. Great outfits. Fabulous pics. keep in touch

  2. Thank you for sharing your fab Francies with us!

  3. That is a great collection of vintage Francies.

  4. Francie is a favorite of mine. Thanks for the lovely pictures! :

  5. You have some lovely Francie's there. I have yet to add Francie to my collection but I do have a lot of Pedigree Sindy dolls. She is one of my favourites.


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