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She was made to move...

Twilight Bella by Mattel, aka, Lalune
On a Made To Move Barbie doll body

I didn't realize how attached I am to this doll until I rebodied her again. I got her on a whim, actually. I'm not really into pop culture dolls that much. But she was there sitting on the shelf and I was eligible for store discount so I said, 'what the hey, I need a doll fix today!'

Her original body bends at the knees, but with articulated dolls like Poppy Parker making their way into my collection, bending at the knees was no longer good enough. So when I heard of the Liv dolls having great joint articulation, I automatically went to Bella for some experimentation. If I screwed up the beheading, at least it would be on a doll that I just bought on a whim...perfectly expendable. It has been five years since, and I have given that particular Liv doll her body back recently (scroll a couple of blog posts down for more details).

I was having one of those moments again. I had given Bella's original body to another doll years ago too so her head was just that: a head with no body. Since I had been considering letting go of some Barbie dolls, I thought to myself, why not this head too....Yes, Bella and I had some good times on a road trip in the past but compared to dolls I had on display, she was still the expendable one. I have a lot of Barbie dolls and I didn't think I'd miss her too much.

As fate would have it for Bella, I had discovered the Made To Move Barbie dolls and was itching to find out what the hoopla was about. I was never much a fan of Barbie playline doll faces...but that articulated body I could definitely use. I must say that I had the same reaction as most for this new attempt at articulation by Mattel. I was impressed. Despite, the somewhat messy seams, I like it. It's got really good articulation. She's a tiny bit bulkier than typical Barbie at the waist and thighs that old Barbie doll clothes I tried on her were kind of tight, but she looks good either way.

Bella was back on a Mattel doll body after five years! And it looks like she's made her point that I can't get rid of her that easily. I decided to christen her with a new name: Lalune. She deserves a new one after her second revival. She doesn't look like Bella from Twilight anyway.


  1. Ah, yes, she looks like she was made for that body.

  2. She looks great! I love how dolls can get "new life" breathed into them even after all these years. :)

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  4. Pomysł z ciałkiem Liv - doskonały! Twarz lalki piękna! Wygląda wspaniale!

  5. She looks fantastic. So glad she gets to stay.

  6. I'm loving the MTM bodies. I tend to buy them as I see them. I just gave some ladies new life in my collection. Lalune looks great

  7. This is the human version of Bella, right? I've only got the vampire one and I wonder if any of the made-to-move skin tones will fit her. Perhaps purple top (the Asian one)?


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