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Ooh la la indeed...

Ooh La La! Poppy Parker doll, aka, Arienne
by Integrity toys

The first W Club exclusive doll of 2016. I know. I know. I'm always late talking about stuff. Everyone's already moved on to the topic of the latest Fashion Royalty line, and I'm still only now appreciating this doll.

Ooh La La is a funny name...but yeah, let's go with that. This doll's hairstyle reminds me of Barbie's swirl ponytail as seen below. It's actually my favorite vintage look for Barbie so Ooh La La gets three thumbs up for that one! (It's a crazy dream but I'm still crossing my fingers that one day Mattel will produce a Francie doll with a swirl hairstyle.) In addition to the style, Ooh La La's hair is white so that's another three thumbs up from me. I love white hair on dolls. It gives them a very ethereal look.

Barbie Learns to Cook
by Mattel 2007

Another great thing about Ooh La La is that she's a gift set. Gift sets are awesome for fashion mix and matches since separate fashion packs are fairly non-existent these days. I was going to pose Arienne (I'm going to stop saying 'Ooh La La' now because it's just getting awkward) and take pictures of her with these mixing possibilities but I had a change of heart at the last moment. I ended up grabbing another doll that hasn't had very many photo shoots to showcase one of the other clothing pieces in the set.

Ooh La La and That Holiday Feeling
aka Arienne and Otrera

...Oh and I added puppies for the extra cuteness factor! I know the grey puppy was from Most Sophisticated Poppy Parker as Sabrina doll set but I don't remember which dolls came with the other two puppies. So if anyone reading this recognizes the pups, please let me know. I think I'll name one of these critters, Ooh La La for fun...kinda like Nanette Manoir's dog in Angela Anaconda. Anyone remember that?

I'm clearly all over the place with this blog post so I'll stop here. Collectors in the W Club, have lately been talking about having more color options for their doll's clothing other than black. This recurring feedback is currently reflected on the newest colorful Fashion Royalty dolls. I, for one, am actually a huge fan of black so this Poppy gift set with a black and white theme, and a touch of red, going on suits me just fine. Oh, it did come with yellow shorts...a picture for another day. One last thing to note is the difficulty of putting on the choker on the doll. I actually broke mine right out of the package just trying to unhook the bead enclosure. The beauty of photography is being able to hide what you don't want your audience to see. Both chokers on dolls are held together by a small piece of masking tape on the back. The black choker is the official accessory in the set. The red one is a piece of string that I tied around Otrera to match her bow...Looks legit right?

Happy Thursday!


  1. Those little dogs go great with the Parisian style of the gift set. Very nice!

  2. I don't' collect these dolls so I am just hearing about them now from your post, lol. :) I think they are both gorgeous!!!


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