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Wedding Belle No More

Wedding Belle Poppy Parker
by Integrity Toys 2015
aka Ziya

I think this doll is really underrated. I don't see very many photos of her around. Even I have passed over her many times in my collection to pick up another doll. I think it had something to do with the wedding outfit she originally came in...and I'm sorry to say, the ugly half ponytail too. Not to mention, she might have sort of left a bitter taste in my mouth when I first opened her box and found that she had uneven eyes, as in one eye was literally bigger than the other, and I had to ship her head out again for an exchange. By the time I got her back, I wasn't too keen on playing with her anymore. It took me some time to debox her in the first place.

It took almost a good year for me to actually remember what it was that had me buying this doll to begin with. I remember liking her Hungarian skin tone, that is like a light tan. And I love the aqua color of her eyes. It's riveting. I have boring dark brown eyes so I like it when my dolls have different eye colors. Wedding Belle's eye color is by far my favorite from all the Poppy releases.

I had to take down her ugly ponytail too. I'm happier with her like this. It makes her look more sultry instead of being a drab bride. In the end, I'm glad I finally picked her up and decided to tinker with her looks. Not wanting to disturb too much of her curls, taking her ponytail down was a bit of a challenge. I may have snapped and pulled some hair out...still looks good though!

Here's a little secret about her photoshoot: She's only wearing one earring. The other one broke when I tried to put it in her ear so I said screw it. Hehehe!


  1. She is so pretty! Hahahaha! Yes my dolls normally don't have their earrings in or have pins in the back and such when they are having a photoshoot! Nobody's perfect!!!
    Lydia's Dolls


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