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Curvy Barbie Exposed

Barbie Fashionista #26
Spring Into Style - Curvy

I only just got on the Curvy Barbie train about a week ago so please excuse my delayed enthusiasm for this latest doll evolution. Not even Made-to-Move Barbie has gotten me this excited over a playline doll in a while. I mean, look at her. The doll's got glorious thighs!

When I was a kid, Barbie was just a pretty blonde doll with cool clothes. I didn't care that she had big boobs and a non-existent waist while I grew up with a house full of Asian women who didn't quite have those measurements...or blonde hair for that matter. However, I do understand why some mothers of today would be concerned about the kind of message that Barbie might be sending off to the young impressionable minds. Ergo, I commend Mattel for taking doll play to a whole new level of diversity.

Renamed Javiera
(after a Chilean singer that my sister is
currently obsessing about at the moment)

So here she is in all her glory! She does not have the bendy legs. She doesn't have pierced ears. She has the typical articulation on the neck, shoulders and thighs. Nothing more. Very simple really. The takeaway from this doll is the bigger than typical Barbie sized hips and thighs, and rounder bottom. I specifically didn't put her beside an old Barbie doll because on her own, she looks totally normal. (There is an amazing review HERE by the ToyBoxPhilosopher with tons of pics next to Lammily.) She only looks big next to a stick thin Barbie doll. I daresay that most of us women out there have shapely thighs...and if you devour chocolate like I do, it's a guarantee!

Here's the thing: Barbie's been skinny for 57 years so imagine the wardrobe dilemma that Javiera is facing. The curvy doll incarnation that I got had a floral print dress. Depending on execution, I'm almost always not a fan of floral patterns and her default attire was no exception. I chose her because I loved the simplicity of her facial screening color palette and her brown hair. It's easy to forget how curvy she is as a stand alone doll until I tried some old Barbie clothes on her. Total disaster. Luckily, she looks good naked! Hahaha!

(Dressed in a not-so-fitting Made to Move top,
and a Takara Jenny jumper)

Ok, so I did find something else to put her in. It was a struggle to put her in that top. She could only fit into one sleeve...oopsy! She's rockin the jumper though! Super fun doll! And the best part is she was less than ten dollars!


  1. Gdybym zdecydowała się na zakup lalki curvy, mój wybór padł by właśnie na tę! To przepiękna lalka, naturalna, z dużym wdziękiem! Kłopot z ubraniami będzie na pewno chwilowy, bo zdobędziesz dla niej potrzebne stroje :-)
    Wspaniałe zdjęcia!
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie!

  2. She has a lovely face with those beautiful cheekbones! I like her body type too, it's very realistic in proportions. Great doll! Hopefully Mattel will design lots of clothes for her.
    Sabrina (

  3. I am suffering on not enough clothes for my curvy Barbie but I learned that made to move leggins works perfectly :D i cant find in Poland a curvy fashion packs so I made clothes for her by myself.

  4. She's a beauty! I like the curvy bodies.

  5. I have this lovely doll, too. Love her dark hair and face screen. I'll look for fashions for her among what I have and then check elsewhere if I have nothing to suit her.

  6. Love this doll. Finally added one to my collection. Thanks for sharing these great pics.


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