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Princess Ai

Princess Ai
Evening Princess
by TokyoPop

Got this doll at Silver Snail Comic book shop on a whim over a decade ago. I have a collection of anime figures and I wanted a doll that had an anime face. I didn't know Princess Ai or cared for her manga. I just liked her look. Unfortunately, even though I have my anime figures on display, this particular doll never joined them. She never joined my other fashion dolls either. She basically sat in her box for many years.

...Something made me dig her up today. I even googled her and discovered some interesting details about her. Apparently, she was created from the collaboration of Courtney Love, Ai Yazawa and Misaho Kujiradou. Courtney Love, I'm familiar with. I don't know Misaho Kujiradou but I do know Ai Yazawa. Ai Yazawa's Nana anime/manga is one of my favorites. If you like to watch anime or read manga, Nana is a must see/read. Forget about reading my useless ramblings. Go search Nana now! Go!

Back to the doll...

As you can probably tell from the photo, the plastic used on her head and body is starting to majorly change colors. I don't quite remember her head being super pink, or her body being super yellow. 

Her outfit is not of the greatest quality either and she has a pair of black cloth shoes that have already dyed her toes black. I do find it interesting that the back of her dress has a red criss-cross detailing that you would never know about unless you free her from her box prison.

She's an, overall, cute doll. I wish she was of better quality. I wonder if I can re-body that pretty head...