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Tulabelle and the IT LED Display Case

Pomp & Circumstance Tulabelle
by Integrity Toys
(under LED lighting)

If you're a collector who likes to debox your stuff, it's often just as important to have that perfect display case to showcase your collection. Months ago, Integrity Toys offered a chance to order some LED display cases that I couldn't pass up. They arrived a couple of days ago. They're roughly 23"Hx11"W, much taller than the normal 12" dolls that I collect. These are acrylic cases, however, and can easily be cut up to your desired height with the proper sharp cutter, should you choose to do so. The black top and bottom base just reattaches right back on and under the acrylic walls.

(Testing 16" Tulabelle doll in case with the protective wrap still on the acrylic sides.)

I personally like the height of this case. I have a few dolls over 16" in my collection that never get enough attention despite their gigantic stature. My 11"-12" dolls are camera hogs so the big ones rarely ever make an appearance in photographs. I thought this was the perfect time to test how great it would be if they were individually showcased.

Front: Yeti to Wear Tulabelle doll by Integrity Toys

It's looking fantastic, I must say! I got these awesome doll kimonos from an Ebay seller about five years ago. She did such a wonderful job on them! Click HERE to see the first time I photographed one of these kimonos on an AvantGuard doll. They were actually meant for Ellowyne Wilde. I don't have any Ellowyne dolls but I've seen her body and she's not as shapely as the 16" FR gals. The beauty about kimonos in general is they're not form fitting so my girls can get away with them and they still look magnificent!

Bam! Do they look pretty in those cases side by side or what? I did top up the dolls' bases with another base about 2"H to center them because there was still quite a bit of headroom. It works out since the kimonos are long.

Display cases like these are totally worth every penny. And they're so easy to assemble. Plus, who doesn't appreciate those lights? They give the dolls that extra something something. Now, where to put them....


  1. Those cases and the lights in them are really striking. I like the Tulabelle face mold, as well.

  2. Just beautiful! I love their kimonos and everything else too.The cases are wonderful too. Keep the dust off of them dolls.

    Thanks for sharing!


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