Doll Memories II

My Scene Barbie and My Scene Hanging Out Sutton

Before there were collector Barbie dolls in my life, there were My Scene dolls. I was never a fan of the Bratz dolls but I did like the earlier My Scene before they got too snooty looking. They reminded me of anime characters with their big head and eyes. I absolutely loved the playsets too. And for once, I was fond of the boy dolls (Sorry Ken!).

Had to dig through stuff for these guys. I actually don't remember which My Scene Barbie I have here so if you recognize her, pretty please let me know. She's wearing her original outfit and I remember her coming with two other separates.

Sutton is wearing his original top and necklace but I apparently exchanged his cargo shorts with a pair of pants when I put him away. The shorts required more digging and I ran out of patience. Check out the belt on his pants though. It is nicely detailed! And he actually has a cuff bracelet on his right wrist that isn't showing. These dolls were very well made. Even his hair is cool!

Barbie is looking fab too. These My Scene dolls can probably put the pink label collector dolls today by Mattel to shame when quality and price is compared. And My Scene were playline dolls. Ah, the good ol' days!


  1. My daughters were just the right age to play with Barbies when My Scene came out. You're right; those dolls were incredible to what we get now. And the playsets!

  2. My daughters both liked the My Scene Barbies too. Loved their clothing and the playsets!


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