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Hot Off Their Boxes

The Industry 2017 by Integrity Toys
From left to right: Tate Tanaka, Liu Liu Ling and Cabot Clark

It has been some time since I'd actually received dolls in the mail and opened them right away. In fact, most of my 2016 Poppy Parker dolls are still in their box prison and I'm really hoping to get to them soon.

I'm sure I had mentioned somewhere in my blog before that male dolls aren't really my thing. But the Industry boys got me excited and so here they are. So far, they don't disappoint. I love Tate's partially flocked hair and white jacket.

I probably need to flatten Cabot's hair a bit but I'm totally digging the white hair and I have a particular fondness for the face sculpt that is practically a twin to Dynamite Boy Auden.

Here's Auden and Cabot side by side... Still prefer Auden but they are practically twins even though the description for Cabot says he's a new sculpt.

Lastly, here's Liu Liu Ling.... I'm not the biggest fan of her name but gosh darn it, that hair style is super cool! Plus the overall pink and black just go so well together.

For the curious out there about the new flat feet foot sculpt, here it is next to Poppy Parker's. I must say that Poppy's foot looks more aesthetically pleasing...until they wear the heeled shoes, that is. Then Liu Liu Ling's ankle wins. Below, you'll see both feet try on a pair of FR heels.

That's my latest journey with dolls, folks! I know it's been a while. Alas, sometimes stuff happens...

Happy Monday!