Monday, March 23, 2015


Sweet in Switzerland Poppy Parker
Renamed Eileithyia

Photo inspired by Greek Goddess of Childbirth, Daughter of Zeus and Hera.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Still Here

Great Pretender Lilith as the spirit of Ren
and Style Mantra Eden as goddess Hera
(Eden is such a queenly goddess; I had to use her attributes.
Ren is a made up character.  I pictured her with
silver eyes.  The beauty of photoshop!) 

I admit my days of blogging has been rare and far in between.  The year 2014 was a pretty crappy and hectic time.  It was a year I totally could have done without.  Being emotionally and physically weary is a horrible combo.  And it seems it ain't over yet.

Many many times, I'd actually thought about giving up on the doll blog.  I was collecting dolls but I was barely playing with them or even looking at them.  That was not the kind of collector I am.  I like to fuss over my dolls, photograph them, give them names, such and such.  But I was totally uninspired.  Work life was taking big bites out of me and it was driving me nuts.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who ever felt that way.  I think I was hanging by a thread taking comfort in that.  Right now I feel like I'm still in the eye of the storm, where things are calm but the world can come crashing on you at any moment.  Funny that at the end of it all I come right back here....

I like to write stories.  Have so since my teenage years.  In truth, I suck at it, big time, and I'm not just being humble when I say that.  I was rereading some of my old stuff the other week and it was one of those what the hell moments.  Some of them just didn't make much sense.  Thank goodness I was the only one reading them!  So I figured, what the hell!  I will write a story to keep my mind occupied and my soul less stressed.  It has been many many years since I've had an idea.  I really wanted an idea.  I must have sat still for ages before I even came up with one.  The irony?  I found myself walking into the doll room.  If I was going to have a story, I was going to need characters.  The aha moment!

Irresistible in India Poppy Parker as goddess Hathor
(I wanted a character that was shimmery antique gold in color
through and through, from hair to skin and eyes, even attire,
but I'm not sure I could dip any of my babies in gold paint,
nor do I have the skills to make the dress I have in my head.
 So I settled for this redressed Poppy doll.
I love this skin tone on her.
She comes really close to what I had in mind.)

Mythology has always intrigued me.  I love reading stories about gods and goddesses.  It's super fascinating how we humans made sense of our world without modern technology.  The pictures you are seeing are inspired by them.

In the end, I didn't just come up with an idea for a story, I came up with pretty kickass pics too.  I guess there was a reason I didn't stop blogging.  There's a reason I'm still doll collecting.  I was going to come right back here sharing my doll tales of frustration and inspiration.

Happy Thursday!

Friday, January 30, 2015

2014 Doll Highlights

Arm Candy Chip Farnsworth III
and Mistress of Disguise  bonus silver-haired Poppy Parker head

2014 has been a year full of Poppy Parker dolls.  It's good and it's not at the same time.  While I loved  the dolls offered, even I am having a hard time keeping up with what's what nowadays.  I think I'm a whole year behind in Poppy's world.  I'm very fond of the gal but I don't want my collection saturated with so many of her in such a short period of time that I don't have time to enjoy them all.  Either way, my favorite from the 2014 line is ironically the bonus head offered with the Sebina Havoc doll.  The head switch feature is quite unique but still requires some reconfiguring since the head tends to be a bit wobbly compared to a doll without this feature.  And Arm Candy, in my opinion, is the best Chip Farnsworth I've seen yet.  He is totally owning that pink brocade jacket!

Double Date 50th Anniversay set Barbie doll

These days, Barbie just seems to be an honorary figure hanging around in the doll room.  She hasn't been wowing me much lately, though I am finding myself appreciating her vintage incarnations more and more.  I ended up getting the Double Date 50th Anniversary set because I love her best with the swirl ponytail and I've never seen a vintage repro Midge doll not look so scary before.

Double Date 50th Anniversary set Midge doll

Hair Happenin Francie in Fur Out coat with
Short flip Francie in Smashin Satin repro

Each year is a year of renewed love for Francie...just because she's Francie!  I managed to snag a really pretty one before 2014 ended and a pretty Francie is always worth the mention.  She's already fitting in nicely with her other Francie friends.

From left to right:
Peanut Jones (originally Simply Delight Blythe with Slow Nimes scalp)
 and Argo Jones (originally Bohemian Peace Blythe)

Worked on by two different artists, but cousins nonetheless, as they are my only two Blythes of 2014.  Peanut, I believe, was meant to be a boy originally.  In my doll family, however, all the Blythe dolls are girls so she's just a tomboy.  It gives her more character that way.  She's super cute, though not as well made as Argo, who is just so pretty to look at, even with those faint eyebrows that separates her from my group of eyebrow-less Blythes.

Needlings One of a Kind, Jasmine

Jasmine was a gift from a former co-worker.  Her huge eyes are very reminiscent of Blythe.  How can I not love her?  Plus, that hair is the bomb!  Judging by her hand-sewn body attire, I assume she likes cats.

Pullip Sailor Moon dolls
From left to right: Mercury, Moon and Venus

Any moonies out there????  As you can tell, I am!  I'm not normally a collection completist but I certainly intend to complete this collection.  Oh the nostalgia!  These were Christmas gifts from my partner.  If they release the outer senshi dolls, I may just have to have a party in their honor!

Rococo Sona Boy and Girl by Dollmore
Named, Caz and Vega

These two are the crowning jewels of my entire doll collection thus far.  They are about 18" tall and made completely of resin.  After years and years of holding back from purchasing bjd resin dolls, I finally caved and had to have a pair.

I think I'm really going to have to give a lot of thought to where my doll collection is headed.  Why, oh, why are there so many pretty dolls out there?