Thursday, February 4, 2016

Bare Naked Dollies

I'd been wanting to do some kind of body comparison for my articulated dolls for the longest time. I was able to get my hands on the Made To Move Barbie during the weekend so I thought the time has come. It's too bad that I don't have the new articulated silkstone Barbie or I would have included her here. Unfortunately, to buy her from the Barbie site as a Canadian club member means spending almost as much in shipping as the cost of the doll. Plus she's on backorder. No thanks.

So here's the list of the unusual suspects... Let me know what you think!

*Shows how far they can kneel down, touch their eyes and chest


-Fashionista has really loose joints. She weighs the lightest from the lot.
-Fashion Royalty is a friggin giant!
-Poppy Parker shares a similar body construction to FR Misaki.
-Dal is very top heavy with that head, yet her body is light and it seems fragile. She shares a similar body construction to Pullip, except Pullip is taller and has the same body size as J-doll.
-Made To Move is solid with great coloring and articulation but has messy seams unlike Liv, both being playline dolls
-J-doll has an annoying wrist articulation that only goes up and down.

I have to do a special mention of the Liv doll feet. They are super detailed and chubby cute!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Reviving Liv - Part II

Frey, Caz, and Tilin

I have more Liv pics to share...I had way too much fun with these dolls.

I'd been wanting to share some of the miniature music instruments I've acquired over the years. It had been long overdue. At first I was thinking about the perfect size dolls to pose with them. I was obviously overthinking things since I'm only posting this now.

The classic jazz guitar was originally an ornament that I got from a Christmas store in Montreal in 2009. It's made of wood. Beautifully detailed. But since it wasn't meant for dolls, it's missing a strap. The keyboard was from a Justin Bieber doll set that was given to me, I believe, three Christmases ago, in 2013. Nice looking keyboards in doll sets are hard to come by. The set also came with drums but that one had a Bieber signature and I'm not a fan. I was really only after the miniatures from the set. I prefer the Liv version in red below, which I got from Walmart, probably in 2012.

So now I have myself a rockin doll band! Hoorah!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Reviving Liv...

First wave Daniela. Renamed Caz.

I was going through my doll stuff and found three Liv dolls in one of the drawers. I had every intention of decapitating these dolls at one point in time and make them body donors for some Barbie dolls that I wanted to be articulated. In fact I succeeded in transplanting one. Check out Twilight Bella HERE. I had fun with Bella in a Liv doll body. It's a good doll body! It felt solid and worthy of roughhousing fun without the worry of breakage! That was when I felt a little bad for decapitating the Liv doll to begin with. Hahaha! I never went through with my plan for the other two and just kept them in a drawer for years.

My first Liv doll. She was a first wave Katie.
(She was the one I decapitated...She's forgiven me now that she has her head back!)
Renamed Tilin.

It was almost like I blinked the last couple of years away. Suddenly Liv dolls are no longer in production and Barbie-Made-to-Move are the four new buzz words for doll articulation on a budget. I'll probably want one of those eventually but I haven't encountered them yet so I gave back the Liv doll head that I had decapitated and tried to give the bulbous head with the glassy-eyed stare another chance.

I felt nostalgic about things that are no more. Why is it that we humans always want what we cannot have? Remember the My Scene dolls? I had fun with those...Now they're gone and it saddens me a bit that they are, even though I didn't like the last ones released because they were looking more and more like Bratz than My Scene. I think I loved the play sets more than the dolls actually.

I think she's a second wave Sophie. Renamed Frey.

So I tried to remember what I first thought of Liv dolls. The articulation was the line's greatest edge over other dolls. These dolls can hold poses that some of my articulated collector dolls can't. I also remember liking the idea of 'glass' eyes. They were a refreshing change to the painted ones. The wigs gave me a hell of a time. They were messy and they didn't fit my 16" AvantGuard doll very well like I had hoped...again with the thoughts of parts donations! The heads were a middle ground. They weren't overtly huge like Blythe's but they were definitely not small like Barbie's. And then there's the face sculpt. Liv dolls had cute noses but I wasn't sure about the lips. They look a little bit like they had lip injection. Then again I was partial to the cupid' arrow curve on Francie's upper lips and the puckered pout on Poppy's. I could go on...Ultimately, when I did photograph these girls after some hair combing, and outfit stealing from other dolls, I was delighted to discover that they can be photogenic. It made me want to play with them some more. It took years but they grew on me and I really wish Spin Master stuck with them longer. These dolls were groundbreaking in the playline category.