Monday, July 21, 2014

Holiday in Rome

Inka at Piazza Cavour

I wanted to take Inka to Peru last year to visit the land of the Incan Empire, the very inspiration for her name.  Plans don't always go accordingly so I ended up in Belize with Bebe and Gia to see some Mayan pyramids instead.

Fountain at Piazza Cavour

This year, I figured I owed Inka a solo adventure for the delay of her trip.  She ended up in Rome with me last May!  Beautiful weather.  Streets were packed with locals and tourists alike.  Good coffee.  Good pizza.  Good leather.  Snooty locals at times....Maybe it was the crowd crowding them....

Trevi Fountain

I loved the Trevi fountain but didn't get a chance to take a picture with the actual water because there was just that many people hanging around the place.  I did make sure to toss a coin in the water.  It's said that tossing a coin in the Trevi assures your return back to Rome someday.

Tiber River
Near Castel Sant'Angelo, which is sadly closed on Mondays...

(partially closed off for cleaning)

Inside the Colosseum

In front of the Roman Forum

Carrying a doll around isn't the easiest thing to do when sightseeing.  I actually decided to just have one day of photo shoot with Inka around Rome and that's what we did.  On our last full day in the city, Inka went wherever our feet took us.  I hope you enjoyed the pics!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Back from under a rock...

Day Tripper Poppy Parker
by Integrity Toys

Time sure flies, not just when you are having fun but also when you are lazy and uninspired.  Luckily, doll collecting is such a forgiving hobby.  My dolls still love me!

Take Day Tripper Poppy Parker, for example.  I've had her for about two years and this is the first time I had taken her out of the box.  Ironic really, since the Twiggy-look-alike Poppy Parker collection from 2012 is probably my favorite of the collections released.  Unfortunately, it was the year I started making changes to my doll room and doll box opening kept getting pushed back every time.

No matter.  Today is the day she makes herself known.  With all the talk going around of re-imagined Poppy dolls lately, I had to take one of my dolls out her prison box and play.

Thanks to all the doll collectors out there and their general excitement for the hobby.  That in itself never fails to keep me coming back to this blog and sharing my own doll adventures.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Ddung in Wonderland

Even though I've always thought her adventures are super fascinating, I'll be honest....I've never actually read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, just the shortened story versions when I was a child.  And of course there are the many many movie adaptations that I've seen.

Since I've got a really cute Alice Ddung doll who has never had the pleasure of gracing this blog, I thought it was time she had her own adventures in wonderland.  Plus, I had been unwell for two weeks so I have to catch up on some dolly playtime.

Check out my acorns!  Got them eons ago on harvest decor clearance.  I told myself that one day, I would use them for something.  Today is that day!  Haha!

Other interesting props include the Lalaloopsy mini treehouse, Lalaloopsy mini ferris wheel and, my favorite, the doll face espresso cups.

Happy Monday!