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Miniature Monday #22: Pencil Toppers

Found these pencil toppers at Seiyu in Japan.  That place had everything.  Right away I thought food miniatures!  They're nicely scaled for the thirsty fashion dolls.  Very cute.  You all know Pepsi-cola.  Natchan is a real Japanese fruit juice drink...And yes, the real thing has smiley faces on them.  Leave it to the Japanese to make something cute out of juice bottles.

I have another set of these pencil toppers and I would like to give it to one "Who's that Pinky?" challenger whose name entry comes second to the one I pick, as a small token of appreciation for playing.

So if you haven't already, please join the "Who's that Pinky?" challenge I'm hosting right here on my blog.  The more the merrier!  Details can be found HERE.

Happy Monday!


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