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When Dollies Come to Visit

This is Makoto with her Gloomy Bear plush.  She is a Dollfie Dream doll by Volks, about 24" in height with a soft vinyl body (squishy boobs included).  To my delight, she decided to come to my house yesterday for a visit.

This is Airy.  She is another Dollfie Dream doll, as huge as Makoto, who also graced my house with her presence.  And she totally enjoyed sitting on Rapunzel's doll chair.

As the Dollfies entered the doll room, Airy, who's head is easily interchangeable with Makoto's, immediately found a friend in Aika, a lone Pure Neemo doll in my collection.

Makoto, on the other hand, took a liking to Rapunzel and even allowed the long haired fairytale princess to hold her bear.

After all the dolly interactions, it was time for tea.

Then, eventually, the visiting dolls had to be packed away carefully for a safe trip back home by their adoptive mother Patty before the evil doll collector Theresa kidnaps them....

Luckily, prior to the pack-up, Makoto managed to create an advertisement.

Please click HERE if you believe Makoto!


  1. Haha! Love the post!

    I may have to steal a few of these pictures at some point! ^__~"

  2. I was like...Why is Makoto on this blog...Who is this person!!! HAHA I think I have an idea who this is though :)

  3. Today is Walt Disney's birthday :)

    I think you should do a Disney themed post!


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